Deep Self Investigation

Discovering your true nature as awareness


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As the tenacious belief in a sense of “I” dissolves, and with it the feeling of separation or me, Being remains ordinary and amazing. Deep Self Investigation has been a capstone to this long life of being awareness, and the practice of looking for the non-existent separate sense of “I” is a useful, though sometimes arduous, commitment. And what is has been here all along. How grateful, how beloved, how extraordinary this now. — Shirley Elias


I have been working closely with Dan Kelso for over 4 years and using his approach of Deep Self Investigation has been nothing less than miraculous! The effects it has had on how this life is lived have been a tremendous, undeserved gift. Learning to directly perceive over and over again that there is actually no one here, has changed how I respond to life’s many challenges or what was previously perceived as a challenge and now is just a happening. Most amazingly as this journey to see the Truth continues, the looking gets easier and the beauty, joy and simplicity of life abounds… equanimity often exists where before there was fear and uncertainty. My gratitude can never be adequately expressed. — Madhurya Paddock


Dan teaches DSI, which is intended to make one look at the reality of what we call “my life”. In spite of wondering about the fitness of Veetkam to achieve this investigation, Dan has pointed patiently and endlessly to me, the value of being able to distinguish between thinking (there is a lot of it!) and direct perception. The goal is to come to what is really present here and now, a deep conviction that there is not a person here/now present, but a sense of “I”, which is not more than a fiction! Each time this is perceived, there is a lightening of the mood and in that moment, it seems really true that we are not what we think we are, i.e.…I am not a person!!! — Veetkam Gin


Dan Kelso has distilled self-inquiry into a simple, yet powerful, focus that startles the mind out of its complex meanderings. He generously guides and encourages others in this non-process. His clarity and compassion is inspiring. Deep Self Investigation, (DSI), pierces through the illusion of self, and leads to the recognition of what truly is. — Jill Grodi


Dan Kelso has developed a simple way to the awakening of consciousness, called Deep Self Investigation (DSI). He has both inspired and guided me in this process. His book, of course, titled, Deep Self Investigation, is another jewel in the process and understanding of DSI. Dan is intuitive, precise, and kind in leading persons to this direct pathless path of awakening. — Randi Grodi


A few years ago, I had the good fortune to hear about the process of Deep Self Investigation that Dan Kelso has developed. In the first session that we had together, I quickly became aware of a familiar feeling of heaviness in my heart. Following his guidance to look for the “I” that was feeling the heaviness, what I saw was a combination of sensations in my chest, a long-held story of unworthiness, and emotions related to insecurity which, together, I had been in the habit of taking to be “me.” Seeing that felt amazing and liberating. With repeated practice of looking for and not finding a solid, separate “I,” the movements of mind and heart are being experienced as increasingly less personal and the sense of being wide open awareness that spontaneously embraces the fullness of what is here now continues to grow. I’m especially appreciative of the way that Dan’s awake presence coupled with his gentle, playful guidance helps to facilitate the process of deep self-investigation and the ever-deepening recognition of awake awareness. — Jan Maslow



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