Deep Self Investigation

Discovering your true nature as awareness

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It is a bit challenging to write a testimonial for Dan, not because I have nothing to say, in fact, the direct opposite.  Also, the word "Testimonial" sounds so grand, or, at least, fancy; Dan isn't grand nor fancy.  He is as ordinary as they come.  You might mistake him for, I dunno, a truck driver or something like that.  Except for the undeniable light that he exudes. I've been interested in the truth at the deepest level for as long as I can remember, and have sat with many teachers in this country and in India. Dan is not like the other teachers.  I want to say he practices what he preaches, except he doesn't preach.  At all.  But he does disarm people while he pries them away from their beliefs.  The cherished beliefs such as their belief that they exist as a separate person.  His DSI serves as a constant reminder to tell the truth.
What could be better than that.
 I'm grateful beyond words.
 ~ Abby