Deep Self Investigation

Discovering your true nature as awareness

Weekly Sunday Satsang 

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One on One Sessions

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"One of the great things about Dan is that he is wide awake and is a shining example of what Awakened Living looks like. He radiates happiness, compassion and love, all while being an ordinary, down-to-earth guy who doesn’t want to be looked up to as a teacher. Instead he is just a good friend suggesting that one look deeper. One of the things he likes to point out is that we already are Awareness. We are already the fully awakened consciousness we’re seeking. He just wants to help people see it for themselves, which is where DSI comes in. Each DSI session I have with Dan brings more insight and less identification with the character."  ~ Trey


"It's enormously relieving to drop different ideas I had, especially about enlightenment. I'm no longer trying to drop "thought" or change myself. I'm simply noting the difference between what I actually am and what I thought I was or was supposed to become.

I am especially deeply touched by Dan's love and kindness, tender and mischievous sense of humor, lack of pretentiousness, and the true friendship and patience he offers to each of us. Dan always strives to include us all, which makes me feel warm and welcome." ~ Frank


"One of the techniques I practiced was “Self Inquiry” with the primary question being “Who am I?” DSI is inspired and in large part modeled after Self Inquiry. However, the huge defining difference is the creator and guide on the DSI journey, Dan.

Imagine having an awakened guide assisting in uncovering and unfolding what you know is the core of your spiritual being, someone committed to your finding your blocks and pealing back the layers that have kept you in the illusion. That’s the role Dan has played in this adventure of Self discovery by assisting in seeing that DSI works for me. He has freely given his time, energy, and unique gift of helping people discover their own inspiration and path to awakening with never any cost or obligation.

If you are serious about a real spiritual awakening, you owe it to yourself to see what DSI is." ~ Tom


"Dan Kelso is the real thing. For decades I’ve heard “drop the Ego” and the sense of “little self” to realize who you truly are---the Big Self with a capital “S”, but no one gave me the vehicle to achieve this goal and stay there! How fortunate I was to meet Dan and begin working with him and his practice of Deep Self Investigation (DSI). His method is clear--you can’t get there with thinking. With headiness. With the usual squirrel-on-the-treadmill constructs  of egocentric thought.

If you are willing and eager to embrace this revolutionary process, and devote yourself to this journey, I can guarantee it will alter you profoundly and permanently!

Do not miss an opportunity to engage with Dan!  He will teach you how to de-construct all your old limitations and patterns. He will encourage you with great finesse, kindness, and humor.  As we begin to see our Self with the capital “S”, we begin to move into the state of ultimate freedom, the state “where we are missing nothing.”
Come and get it!!!" ~ Jennifer


It is a bit challenging to write a testimonial for Dan, not because I have nothing to say, in fact, the direct opposite.  Also, the word "Testimonial" sounds so grand, or, at least, fancy; Dan isn't grand nor fancy.  He is as ordinary as they come.  You might mistake him for, I dunno, a truck driver or something like that.  Except for the undeniable light that he exudes. I've been interested in the truth at the deepest level for as long as I can remember, and have sat with many teachers in this country and in India. Dan is not like the other teachers.  I want to say he practices what he preaches, except he doesn't preach.  At all.  But he does disarm people while he pries them away from their beliefs.  The cherished beliefs such as their belief that they exist as a separate person.  His DSI serves as a constant reminder to tell the truth.
What could be better than that.
 I'm grateful beyond words.
 ~ Abby